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Household water purifier market has great potential but low penetration rate

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Increasing the living standards of the residents, the quality of the water put forward higher requirements, household water purifier is therefore considered the field of home appliances under the blue ocean. However, seemingly great potential, but the actual penetration rate is very low. Data show that the penetration rate of water purifiers in developed countries generally more than 80%, while China only 5%, the gap is evident.
Household water purifier has entered the domestic market for many years, but the penetration rate is always high, so that the development of the industry into the market without the potential of the embarrassing situation. According to the prospective industry research institute analysis, China's domestic water purifier penetration is low, the main reasons are the following aspects.
Household water purifier
First, there is a significant difference in drinking habits. In Europe and the United States and other Western countries, drinking habits are basically drinking water, but the domestic different, traditional Chinese habit is drinking water. This difference has led to significant differences in the penetration rate of water purifiers at home and abroad.
Second, lack of consumer awareness. Although more and more consumers began to pay attention to water purification equipment, but the whole point of view, the Chinese consumer awareness of the water purifier is still a lot of lack of consumer awareness there is a stage of shortages.
Third, many brands, products varied. As the water purifier market is chaotic, it is not easy for consumers to choose the right product. According to statistics, the domestic water purifier brand has more than 4,000.
Fourth, the water purification technology is relatively backward. My home water purifier industry started late, limited technology accumulation, low technology content, with independent research and development capabilities, master the core manufacturing technology, a handful of enterprises.
Fifth, the market concentration is too low, fake and shoddy products rampant. China's domestic water purifier market concentration is very low, leading to uneven product quality, fake and shoddy products flooded, shoddy, real and so chaotic chaos, damage to the industry image.
Sixth, after-sales service is not in place. Household water purifier is not a one-time sales of products, after the purchase of the installation, maintenance, regular replacement of the filter, such as the need for a comprehensive after-sales service, but a serious shortage of domestic manufacturers after-sales service, to combat the enthusiasm of consumption.
Seventh, practitioners professional quality level is not high. Whether it is R & D personnel, or front-line sales staff, the understanding of the water purifier is not objective and comprehensive. Professional quality is too low, restricting the further development of household water purifiers.
Because of the above reasons, resulting in household water purifier industry development unsatisfactory. However, in the long run, as consumers understand the water purifier to increase the demand for water purifiers will be further released, the prospects are still worth the wait.
Next, the household water purifier enterprises to the technical, centralized, professional, brand development, unified quality standards, improve after-sales service, to get rid of the potential no market embarrassment dilemma.
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