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New Trend of China 's Water Purification Industry

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Green manufacturing much as
Fu Longcheng, vice president of China Chamber of Commerce, said that environmental issues have become the focus of attention around the world, and set off a global wave of green manufacturing. Green manufacturing is an important part of "Made in China 2015", which is the core task of realizing industrial green development. Green manufacturing is also a human sustainable development strategy in the modern manufacturing industry is reflected in the future direction of the development of home appliances, water purification products have become increasingly necessary for the health of home appliances, in the realization of green manufacturing promising.
China Electronic Energy Technology Association, said the Secretary-General Huang Jianzhong, home appliances in the realization of green manufacturing, we must pay attention to limit the use of lead, mercury and other harmful substances, and this Ministry of Industry and Development Commission and other ministries and commissions in January 6, 2016 issued "electrical and electronic products Hazardous substances limit the use of management practices, "consistent with this management approach known as China RoHS2.0. Huang Secretary-General also pointed out that the home appliances to achieve RoHS road, and said China's electronic energy-saving technology associations will continue to play the role of industry associations to promote the development of green water purification industry.
Water purifier intelligent nature upgrade
Intelligent water purification industry is the trend of development, in recent years has Haier, Hao Ze, has introduced intelligent water purifier, real-time monitoring of water purifier use. But the current water purification industry, most of the intelligence is still in the intelligent control of the initial stage, the real needs of users does not meet the intelligent meet. Shenzhen and the Thai Intelligent Control Co., Ltd. as a professional intelligent service provider for the water purification industry to make a lot of intelligent development, and released the industry's first intelligent water eco-closed-loop system, the real solution to the intelligent water problem.
Ministry of Industry and Information Office in February this year, "the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Department of the green manufacturing system on the construction of the notice", asked to recommend the first batch of green manufacturing system construction demonstration list, water purifier as a green design products " . The theme of the "green manufacturing, intellectual enjoyment of the future", respectively, introduced their respective enterprises how to respond to the Ministry of Industry made the intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing, the United States, the United States, the United States, The efforts and contributions to this, and Imagine the future development.
2017 Chinese water purification 100 companies laugh at the situation
According to incomplete statistics, the national water purifier production enterprises more than 3,000, of which more than 1,500 complete production enterprises, the other mainly in the pipe fittings, pumps, barrels, film, filter, filter, filter and other industries The
The Chinese Communist Party has won the top 100 honorary titles, including domestic and foreign manufacturing enterprises, marketing enterprises, upstream suppliers, foreign brands, public drinking water equipment manufacturing enterprises, technological innovation and other types of enterprises, they are good at their The field has a deep strength and far-reaching influence, all of China's water industry leader.
2017 China Water Purification Brand Summit group finished, the top 100 water companies to join hands in the festival, 2107 China's water purification industry sudden emergence, laughing at the situation!
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