Ningbo Purease Water Purification Technology Co.,Ltd is located in Ninghai county,Ningbo city,professional in manufacturing house using and commercial using water purifier to offer high service in purification technology.We are one of the biggest water purifier manufacturers and also one of the well known brands in water purifier filed in China. We pay high attention to new products development and have 3 advanced precise production lines and inspection lines. We have our own engineers and technicians...Read more

Water,do you know it?

Water,the source of life,about 75% of the human body is composed of water.70% of the earth surface is water,but only about 3% of them is drinkable.Water is directly related to your health and quality of life!

Is your drinking water healthy?

WHO survey reflects that:
80% of diseases,50% of cancer are connected with uncleaned water.

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  • PP Cotton

    5 micron remove impurity,sediments,rusts,colloid and
    so on

  • CTO carbon block

    0 micron,removes over 90% of residual chlorine,organic
    pollutants,unpleasant tastes and so on

  • PP Cotton

    Hold back particles,suspended solids and colloid

  • RO Membrane

    0.0001micron,remove bacterias,virus,heavy metal ion,
    Pesticide residues of harmful substances and so on

  • n-Line Coconut Shell
    Post Carbon Filter

    Modify the taste of water,sweet

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